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Welcome Back Campers!

We are looking forward to an enjoyable camp season, where we create great memories with family and friends! We wish to keep our campground a fun and relaxing family experience that campers of all ages can enjoy. Management reserves the right to terminate the stay of any person who willfully creates a disturbance to others with no refund. Management reserves the right to make any change in the rules and policies at their discretion at any time.


Seasonal Rates for 2024

Storage: For those of you who choose to store your boat trailers with us, there is a $50.00 storage fee. If you do not dock with us, the fee is $75.00/season. All boat trailers must have a storage tag with name and lot # on it and attached to the tongue of the trailer. Boat trailers without tag will be moved to a locked area. Additionally, please print your name legibly and visibly on Duct tape on the front of the boat trailer so it can easily be found by management.

We currently have 6 reserved dry dock spaces. No parking in this area, only those with a red dry dock storage tag. No boats, jet ski, or boat trailers are permitted to parked near fish cleaning area or at your site. If you need a boat trailer out of storage, please give us sufficient time, not available after 2pm.

Payments: First payment due April 15th You can choose to pay in full or pay 1/2. Any remaining balance must be paid by July 15, 2021. At the end of the season, electric bills and any storage fees MUST be paid in full. There is a $25.00 fee if we read your end of season meter reading.

Golf carts: Due to the large volume of golf carts being driven daily, it is imperative that we look out for the safety of our children and families. We want to prevent any accidents from happening on golf carts. To do this, we must all work together to enforce the rules. We strictly prohibit anyone under 16 years of age from operating a golf cart. If we stop someone operating a golf cart that is not of this age, the owner of the golf cart will be required to remove their golf cart from Paradise Acres. Please put your lot number on the back side of your golf cart. Quiet time is 11pm, golf carts should be parked at campsite.

Parking Guest vehicles should park in the overflow parking. Parking on any site other than the one assigned is not permitted and violators could be towed at their risk and expense.

Site Appearance Every seasonal site occupant is responsible for keeping their site tidy, the grass properly trimmed and always mowed. No wooden decks or fences permitted. This has been a rule for the past 10 years. We do have 2 corner lots with chain linked fence that are Grandfathered. Gates will be open April 1st f (weather permitting) for cleanup, any lot that is fenced in should be taken down at this time. This should be done before 2021 registration renewal.

Sale of Trailers: Selling your trailer 0n site can only be done with the consent of management. Occupants who filled out the form and were approved to sell their trailer on site may post a notice at the store/office. For sale signs are not to be posted at an occupant's trailer or site. At the time of sale there will be a $250.00 transfer fee in addition to all lot rent and electric paid in full up to that date. Approval form must be filled out and signed by both parties before new owners can take possession.

Pets: Pets are part of our families! Friendly reminder that all pets outside the trailer must be on a leash and no unattended pets outside trailer when owner is not on premises. Fences are not permitted. Small removable fence around patio permitted. Pictures recommended so you're not making unnecessary purchases on a fence that is not approved.
*No aggressive animals
*Continuous barking will not be tolerated.

Mail: Campers who are full time, we are asking that you would please obtain a PO Box at the Oak Harbor Post Office. We are asking this to ensure that everyone is getting their mail directly to you with no confusion.

TRASH: Only household waste generated at the campgrounds is acceptable for disposal in the dumpsters. We ask that garbage be properly bagged, and cardboard boxes broke down. We are not responsible for disposing of grills, mattresses, refrigerators, bicycles, beach chairs awnings, etc. If you do have items to be scrapped there is a signup sheet in the laundry room for onsite pick up on Mondays. We do have surveillance cameras in place to ensure garbage area stays well maintained. Due to the number of complaints, we are now asking you to bag grass clippings and dispose of them in dumpster, rather than the burn pile. It is your responsibility to dispose of unwanted furniture elsewhere. We have added extra pick-up dates as well for the dumpsters. Please help us keep the campground clean.

Electrical We are not responsible for the replacement of the GFI due to electrical overload and improper cord connection. We ask that you sand the 3 connection prongs to ensure great contact prior to plug in.


1. Quiet time and golf carts parked on campsite is 11pm. licensed drivers are required to operate a golf cart.

2. No mini bikes, ATV's & scooters.

3. Golf cart lights must be on after dark. Golf carts are to be driven on the roads only, stay off the grass.

4. Speed limit is 5 M.P.H.

5. Camper and golf carts must have your campsite number in plain view. Only one camping unit per site. No tents.

6. Anyone without an operational key card, gate "push to call" is only available from 9am-9pm.

7. Restrooms are open during office hours only, there are portables located throughout the park.

8. Pets need to be registered in the office and on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pets.

9. Water speed is 5 M.P.H. NO WAKE.

10. No boats on site. If you must power wash please do so on the marina side ramp only.

11. Storage (inside and outside) is first come first serve.

12. No swimming in river channel or campground pond.

13. Pool hours are during office hours and subject to change.

14. Only one car per site unless you have a double parking in front of your camper.

15. Lot rent is due by the 14th of each month during the camping season, May-Sept. Any outstanding balance is subject to a late fee of our discretion. $30.00 returned check fee.

16. Lot maintenance is your responsibility. We charge $8/weekly mow. Please let management know if you are taking your camper off site for any reason.

17. Do not walk through campsites.

18.You may not rent your camper or your dock. Parking in front of dock is designed for dock renter only.

19. Please rake and burn your leaves in the fall/spring. Do not burn leaves on drive. There will be a leaf pile in the back east corner of the campground for you to dump your leaves if you choose not to burn.

20. You need management approval for a sale of camper or campsite additions. 10 year age limit for new camping units.

21. Do not touch the trees. We will prune our trees. Please see management for assistance with trees.

22. The dumpsters are for garbage only.

23. Our pools are family pools. Please use alcohol with discretion. NO PROFANITY! NO GLASS! NO CIGARETTES!

24. Owners of boats/autos/RV, ect. must have insurance. Owners and their guests shall make no claim of injury or damage to their personal property against Paradise Acres Campground & Marina LLC.

Updated 4/2021